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Gurukulam software is scalable and can easily handle all parts and functions of a school’s operations. It was created by using upfront technology and serves as an integrated solution for all students, teachers, administrators, and other school officials.

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Why Gurukulam for your School ERP?

Our school ERP software is a digital application system that users may use from any location by logging in with their user ID and password. School management can continue to focus on staff members’ work functions and add transparency to the system with the aid of our educational software. It has incorporated the school ERP system and may be modified to meet the needs of the user.

It is adaptive enough to handle the wide range of fee payments that almost all institutions encounter. The students’ fees are calculated based on the category they have chosen. The feature of automated bill creation improves the ERP system’s reliability. With a simple click, the user may verify payments made and pending at any moment.

We deliver versatile and user-friendly software built specifically for educational institutions to make communication and other operations simple and straightforward by knowing their peculiarities. An all-in-one accounting solution that integrates with all devices. All major modules are included, and the online reporting feature keeps you updated with real-time data.

What do we offer?

What we offer has a simple and practical approach to keep your school administration concerns at bay. You can manage all departments with the usage of a single application. Set it as per your school’s requirements, and gain momentum with good training. With our online application module, you can attract a large number of candidates. Because the app is cloud-based, communication between parents would be easier, and parents would be able to pay the educational expenses of their kids online.

It has a variety of features that administer all school sectors, from student enrollment to student completion. Other features, including analysis, management systems, communication, and integration, combine to create a single integrated ERP system for schools. It provides a powerful student database passing through numerous procedures of registrations, admissions, transportation usage, and school departure. It is a complete system, created and tested for institutions with various branches with student strength rising annually.

Benefits of Gurukulam

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